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Message from the Director

Mr. Shigeru AoyagiThe Gender Youth Migration (GYM) web portal launched in 2013, is a growing repository of free resources and a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise on the theme of migration.

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Internal Migration

Internal Migration in IndiaThe Internal Migration in India Initiative (IMII) is a programme of activities that focuses on the challenges faced by internal migrants in India, highlighting socially inclusive policy responses, best inclusive practices and recent evidence based research. (more…) ...

News / Events

19.08.2016: GYM Update August 2016
09.08.2016: Loyola College and UNHCR: Workshop on Forced Migration
29.07.2016: UN drafts outcome document for the September 2016 High-Level Meeting on Refugees and Migrants (more…) ...


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Working Group on Migration set up by the Ministry of HUPA (Government of India) calls for inputs to assess the impact of migration on housing, infrastructure and livelihoods so as to develop a strategic policy intervention. Contribute now! (more…) ...